1 on 1 career coaching with Robyn

Because everyone’s journey is different, each session is customized to you and your goals, success is inevitable.

Robyn Greaves Career Coach Sydney

Job Search: 4 sessions

Are you preparing to change jobs or are you in the market, and not getting results?

This package is for you. I provide an unbiased sounding board to talk about the results you want and  the best way to achieve them saving your time, money and energy.

I will challenge you to think differently, to clarify options and develop a clear plan.

This package will up-level your career management and job search skills, including Resume and LinkedIn profile,  to get you noticed and landing interviews and job offers.

Interview Success Accelerator: 1-4 sessions

If you are like most of my clients, you will land interviews quickly. You will also want to make sure you are the rock star candidate in the interview room, and land the job. In this package, we work together to master your pitch, craft compelling stories so that you nail your next interview.

Own Your Value:  1-2 sessions

Uncover and clarify what makes you brilliant (your unique value proposition) so you can communicate this and get paid what you deserve.

This clarity flows through to your Resume, LinkedIn profile, and how you authentically speak and write about yourself in your job search and beyond.

Career Discovery4 Sessions

Are you ready to transform your career? To re-assess and re-imagine? Connect deeply with what’s important to you and establish purpose and vision, to inform your career and life going forward. Tune into your own wisdom and intuition to create a next chapter of working life that is deeply satisfying.

Career Mentoring

Would you like ongoing support and accountability as you take action to create the next chapter of your career? I will listen and provide an unbiased sounding board, challenge you to think differently and expand your options and to find balance.

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Customised "Homework"

Support Between Sessions to review documents, share successes etc




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I had been working with the one organisation for about 10 years and had experienced great career progression, but was ready to make a change. Robyn listened carefully and helped me prepare for the interview as a two way conversation and to pitch my experience and motivation in a way that let me shine. I’m loving my new role, it’s where I want to be.

Senior IT Engineer, Financial Services

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