It was great to be invited to join a recent panel, at the Stronger Than My Excuses, Developing Good Personal Leadership qualities event, along with Sobia Zafar, Tim Hoopmann, Edward Zia, Nick Bendel. It was a rich discussion of diverse perspectives with some common themes and tips for taking action.

Some of the key messages I shared on the day:

Leaders are now faced with even more emerging challenges; extended physical separation, team health and the newly dubbed “great resignation” and “great relocation”

There is an extraordinary opportunity for organisations to continue to reimagine and redevelop their model of work, and for a reset that meets the diverse needs of the workforce

Forward-thinking leaders are proactively listening to the needs and desires of people. They know that by addressing any feelings of exhaustion and burn out, as well as providing purposeful and productive work, they won’t be left behind in the war for talent

Inner work and being clear on your own purpose, priorities and needs sets you up for success.

It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Julie Watson. I look forward to sharing the recording soon.

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