Striving for continued growth and development is a perpetual goal, both professionally and personally.

It’s so important to revisit your priorities to keep on track. You can do this by writing out and re-evaluating your goals, engaging a mentor, trying new and different approaches, being well-read… There’s many avenues to explore to help you evolve as a professional and a leader, but the one key priority that will help you achieve your goals and grant a sense of fulfilment:

Inner work

Why is inner work so important?

To keep it simple, inner work reduces stress, increases creativity, and improves engagement at work.

Your inner world reflects on your professional performance. Personal meaning and public purpose help you stay on the bright side.

Try at least two of the following activities as top priorities each day:

  • Spending time in nature
  • Engage your creativity
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Reflect and contemplate your beliefs, values and habitual patterns.

Schedule them just as you would schedule any extremely important appointment.

A friend of mine recently found an inner city garden and has established a daily ritual of walking there each lunchtime.

What other inner work activity would you like to engage in to improve your effectiveness and impact?