A time of momentous change

We are living through a time of chaos and uncertainty. Out of this time will come a wealth of changes, big and small.

How to recognise and market yourself to these opportunities in the changing world of work and create a sustainable career going forward is key.

Robyn Greaves Career Coach Sydney

I help people navigate change and find work they love

I help you unpack and repackage for the next chapter of work and life. To explore, navigate and thrive in the changing world of work. To approach the complex job market and job search with clarity and confidence and find not just a job, but work that is deeply satisfying and plays to your strengths and purpose.

Are you at a crossroads in your career and imagining a different working life and career path? Have you lost energy and passion? Has your world changed, requiring you to take a new path? Or has an event or conflict been a catalyst for you to reconsider your options?

Work is deeply personal. Our professional and personal lives are inextricably linked – we want to see the value of what we do. Knowing what’s important to you at this stage of your life is key.

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My clients achieve results…


  • A talented professional working in an industry that had contracted gained the clarity and know how to market himself in an emerging new field, and found his dream job.
  • After questioning her fit with her current career and finding it lonely working on her own, a seasoned professional discovered her calling and returned to the corporate world.
  • After 7+ months of unemployment a job seeker finally landed a role, she found confidence and sustainability.
  • An executive slowed down to add work/life balance to his life, and now spends time with his children each day
  • An IT executive left her corporate job to create a portfolio of work, a new career path aligned to her values and passion. She has never been happier.

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Career coaching with Robyn was absolutely worth the time and money invested. Having been with the same company for more than 10 years, I hadn’t had to market myself or write a resume. Robyn quickly identified gaps in my skills, and almost immediately I started making great connections and moving forward. She really knows the job market. I am thriving in my new role which is a great fit with my strengths. Highly recommended.

Senior Programme Manager, Retail

In a short time, I went from confusion to clarity, not just in my head but a deep knowing that I was on the right path for this stage of my career and life. The rest has come easily, and I have transformed my ideas, my dreams into reality and now have a portfolio of activities, including consulting, training and research. Robyn has the deep insight and experience to add immense value.

Senior Executive, Financial Services

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